Library Matters

Library Matters has developed a program to support and provide professional development to librarians. Library Matters Consultancy can help support educational institutions to build their library/learning hub to meet their requirements of the school’s curriculum.

The teacher library workshops are for educators and individuals who aspire to use cutting-edge, 21st-century strategies and knowledge to enhance the school community. These modules will include all forms of literacy including information & media literacy. The workshops will help build a growth mindset, necessary skills, and knowledge to manage a school library and deliver relevant lessons in today’s changing environment. It will help build independent skills in resource planning, management, and collaboration among educators.

Please fill out the form if you are interested and we will get in touch with you. Library Matters is a collaborative enterprise between Creative Learning Aids, promoter of contemporary Indian Literature and Librarian Ms. Heeru Bhojwani, who will facilitate the workshops. For details, you may contact or call 9819677361.

After attending the workshops, Librarian Amita Kubal says ” While working as a school librarian, I felt my MLIS Degree was not enough, and it had not prepared me for the present Librarian’s role. I was struggling and needed to upgrade my skills in the direction of becoming an active librarian. At this point, I got guidance from Ms. Heeru Bhojwani who raised our capacities. We learned different reading engagement activities, use of open source applications as a part of the Information and Media Literacy, Creative writing techniques, Fair use Guidelines, and other tips.  The training was helpful to move from a Library Administrator to becoming a Teacher Librarian”.

Librarian Manjuushas Shriram Maadiwale from Aga Khan School, Hyderabad says, “Ms. Heeru Bhojwani, excels in her profession and taught me how to create a website for my Library, how to locate, access evaluate resources and cite sources (Information Literacy).”

Workshop Information

Tomorrow’s Vision:

Through this workshop, librarians will create a library vision/mission that ties in with the philosophy of their school. They will get a glimpse of the trends of the growth of libraries and discuss the role as a literacy and information coach/Teacher Librarian in a technology-infused environment.

Librarian’s Role in Supporting Reading & Writing:

Participants will engage in different strategies to support reading, listening and writing skills through creative writing, interactive read-aloud, readers theater, journaling, and poetry using their school curriculum, which may be the Indian or an International Curriculum. There will be separate workshops for Elementary School and Secondary School Librarians.

Information Literacy in Research and Project Planning:

Participants will actively learn different questioning techniques to formulate higher order thinking questions for research projects for both elementary and secondary school. They will learn about information literacy, research process, the skills necessary for research and how they can support project work in school.

Media Literacy Today:

Through this module, participants will learn what media is, how media is created, and identify different strategies used by the media. Participants will analyze and evaluate the media. Participants will learn about News Literacy, Social Media Networks and track authentic information while becoming meta-literate.

Collaboration & Lesson Planning for Librarians:

Designing lesson plans, planning, and collaboration with classroom teachers keeping in mind the schools’ curriculum and the needs of students is an important part of teaching during library class. Librarians will be coached in creating a curriculum that can be embedded in their School Curriculum.

Learning 2-3 Technology Tools: 

Participants will learn 2-3 technology tools to support their needs. This will be based on the needs of the participants.

Each of the modules will follow a tentative schedule. The workshops will commence at  8: 45 am and close at 1:30 pm

Tentative Program Schedule for 8 Saturdays

8:45- 10:00   First Session

10:30- 11:00  Tea Break

11:00- 1:30     Workshop Continues

01:30- 1:45      Question/Answers/Followups

Contact Samir Kapadia at 9819677361 or for further information.