My name is Heeru Bhojwani.  I am currently the K-12 Librarian/Information Curator & Coach at the American School of Bombay in Mumbai, India.

In addition to my work as a Librarian/Information Curator & Coach, I am interested in sharing my knowledge and experience to help build and design Libraries. I can provide workshops for librarians on how they can incorporate their school’s curriculum in supporting the 21st Century Skills using a variety of reading, writing, and research skills. I have presented several workshops both Internationally and locally describing the role of a library in its varied facets.

Personal Statement

Working in an international environment, I appreciate the value of teamwork and global interconnectedness. I understand that strong work ethics, flexibility, and enthusiasm are the keys to success. I am respectful, attentive and eager to approach new challenges with a desire to learn and grow. When faced with a problem, I am proactive and dedicated to an optimum solution. I am personally committed to education and believe that education is the only important element in raising the bar of human existence and quality of life.

I started my career in education over twenty years ago and am with the American School of Bombay for over eighteen years. I hold a Degree in Psychology & Philosophy, a Degree in Education, and a Degree in Library & Information Sciences.

Key Roles & Skills

  • Maintain several libraries/Information Commons K-12 for over 800 patrons
  • Build digital and print collection by selecting appropriate materials to support the school’s curriculum
  • Member of a larger team in creating Information Literacy Guidelines
  • Work collaboratively with members of the teaching community by teaching skills to promote 21st Century Information Learning Skills
  • Interact and support schools’ parent community
  • Foster literacy through library celebrations

Presentations and Workshops

  • Titled: Literacy Development for Teachers with RazPlus, Gangtok, (2018)
  • Titled: Professional Development for Teachers with Engage, Kanpur, Lucknow, Dharamshala, India (2018)
  • Titled: Librarian’s Path to Tech Integration, ASB Unplugged, Mumbai, India (2018)
  • Titled: Information and Media Literacy, through the MISA organization (2017)
  • Lit Fest, Mumbai: Presented as a panelist for Titled: Always a Lender and a Borrower Be – The vanishing world of libraries (2016)
  • Titled: Understanding Copyright and Fair Use (2015)
  • Titled: Replacing the Traditional Library, ASB Unplugged, Mumbai, India (2014)
  • Titled: iCommons: Replacing the Traditional Library, ISTE Conference, San Antonio, Texas (2013)
  • Titled: Information Fluency Model at the American School of Bombay. Presented to a group of specialists, PYP schools, Mumbai
  • Titled: Role of a Library in a PYP School, SAIBSA PYP Job Alike at Fazlani L’Academie Globale, Mumbai (2011)
  • Titled: Importance of Storytelling and Information Literacy, Conference by Akanksha/ Teach for India, Mumbai (2010)
  • Titled: ASB’s Interactive Virtual Library, Unplugged Conference, Mumbai (2010)
  • Titled: Use of technology and collaboration with Elementary School Teachers. Presented at the Unplugged Conference, Mumbai (2008)
  • Titled: Technology and Wireless Laptops in Libraries at the Nesa; Early Childhood and Librarians’ Conference in Dubai,  (2004)

Professional Development Conferences attended

  • Cognitive Coaching (2017-18)
  • Visible Thinking with Harvard Graduate School of Education (2017)
  • Attended Responsive Classroom Training for Specialist (2016)
  • PYP Workshop for Librarians, ASB Mumbai (2016)
  • ISTE Conference USA, 2013 and 2015
  • Round Table Librarians’ Job Alike with international schools, Oberoi International School, Mumbai. (2010)
  • Nesa Conference for Librarians, Amman (2008)
  • PYP Conference for Librarians attended and Certified, Vienna (2007)
  • PYP Conference for Librarians, Czech Republic (2005)
  • Nesa Conference: Early Childhood and Librarian Conference, Dubai (2004)
  • Nesa Spring Education Teachers Conference in Bangkok (2002)
  • Attended all the Professional Development that are conducted at the American School of Bombay covering topics ranging from PYP, assessment, literacy, reading programs from 2000 – 2014.

Key Role and Skills of a Librarian’s  in the Elementary School 

Maintain a safe and positive presence and assist patrons with digital and print media.

  • Work with students to help them use and manage their information more productively and ethically
  • Participate in classroom activities such as small group instructions, storytelling, and research projects.
  • Oversee cataloging of digital and print materials.
  • Support digital technologies to enhance student learning
  • Conduct regular audits of materials report as needed and assist in annual materials inventory.

Key Role and Duties of a Librarian/Media Specialist/ Information Curator & Coach for the Secondary School Library

Provide access, instruction, and support, to enable students and staff to become informational fluent.

    • Align EC-12 Information Fluency Rubric/Curriculum with the mission, goals, and objectives of the school.
    • Collaborate with teachers to plan, teach, and assess information fluency
    • Work with students to help them use and manage their information more productively and ethically
    • Create and share digital publishing guidelines
    • Manage, facilitate and curate resources, spaces, materials, and tools for students, staff, and community use.
    • Update and maintain the library’s virtual and physical spaces and social media presence
    • Procure, manage, and update information resources in a variety of media
    • Provide methods and opportunities for ASB community members to order, obtain, and curate informational and recreational resources
    • Serve as coach, consultant, and co-learner to manage to organize, share, and create information.
    • Collaborate with tech coordinators, teachers, staff  and administrators on the integration of information fluency and media literacy in teaching and learning
    • Share vision and highlights of Information fluency resources and activities with parents and community
    • Librarian – Reference and Information Services
      – Database Management
      – Liaise with database vendors and faculty for renewal/subscription of databases
      – Management and analyses of usage statistics
      –  Prepare help guides and tutorials for new databases
    •  Customer Service and User Education
      – Provide research assistance for complex information queries
    • – Conduct Library Orientations, Information Skills sessions
      – Approve Copyright submission forms and respond to specific copyright queries
    • Library Website Maintenance and Content Management
    • Collection Development
      – Liaise book vendors to build the library collection
      – Withdrawal of titles
      – Renewal/subscription of journals

My joys: