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February 16th is World Read Aloud Day

By 11th February 2017General

I think the World Read Aloud Day is a special day to remind us about the importance of reading and the joys of creating magic in our lives. Reading opens our hearts, widens our outlook, and gives us perspectives about different avenues of life. Reading helps us think about different cultures, different habits and helps us reflect on various experiences of life and helps individuals succeed in their profession.

The World Read Aloud Day is a day to remind us, how we as Librarians can spread the importance of reading in every walk of life. As a librarian, a woman and a mother, the best thing I can do is to share the joys of reading. We are so quick to share a facebook post, why not share a story, a book it with 5 different people.

Class Tech Tips shares 12 different apps for reading with our students.

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